Lahore Ranked Most Polluted City In World Again-Read

According to the air pollution data released on Monday morning by the US Air Quality Index, Lahore is once again ranked the most polluted city in the world.

Lahore reported a particulate matter (PM) rating of 423, however, Lahore is not the only city of Pakistan to feature in the top 10 list for the worst air quality as Karachi ranked on the AQI at the 7th position.

India’s New Delhi was at the second spot with 229 PM, while Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital ranked the third-worst city on the AQI with 178 pm.

If the AQI is under 50 then the United States Environmental Protection Agency regards air quality as satisfactory. However, the AQI of Lahore fell in the range of 301 or higher.

The provincial disaster management authority in Punjab has to date sealed 613 brick kilns, 2,148 industries and impounded 8,579 vehicles in order to reduce smog.

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