Since 1947, Pakistan traditionally relied on a superpower -i-e, Britain, the United States, and now china-for the bulk of its military equipment, if the first source is unwilling to help, Pakistan pivots to the second. It had started by moving from Britain to America, and the to America to Europe and China.

This reliance was- and remains- acute for critical inputs such as engines for aircrafts and ships, radars, and in many cases , high-tech weapons system as whole.However, with Pakistan access to high -tech weapons system under strain, especially in regards to long -range and offensively capable platforms, the armed force are pursing domestics program. Project Azm, The Pakistan Air Force’s (PAF) next -generator fighter program, is a notable example of this pursuit.

But Project Azm is a long-term endeavour,one that is from showing tangible indicators of progress or success at this time .Not only that, but the PAF is unlikely to secureĀ  the critical inputs of its in – house fighter from any source but a reliable superpower -caliber state, i-e china,

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