New Zealand Prime Minister statement on Climate Change

New Zealand just became one of the only countries in the world to declare Climate Change a global emergency. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s incredibly passionate statement on why the world needs to act.

“This is a declaration based on science. This declaration is an acknowledgment of the next generation and acknowledgment of the burein that they will carry if we do not give this right if we do not take action.

We cannot underestimate a generation anxed in full of anxiety about the reality of climate change. It is up to us to make sure that we demonstrate the pathway. There is a plan for action and there is a reason for hope.

It is tangible it is real it is about the country they will inherit is about the burden of the diet that they will inherit and the least to make sure that we demonstrate on this issue. This declaration is about global responsibility.

It is not in our nature to ignore responsibility in obligation and climate change we will only make progress if we absolutely accept that this action is required. If any nation falls short then we all fall short. But I encourage every member of this house to type the issue of climate change with at serious disease. Vote in favor of this declaration today be on the right side of this plan we must collectively deliver for our next generation.

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