Saudi Arabia: How to Register for Corona Virus Vaccine?

Riyadh: A registration procedure has been devised for vaccinating against the coronavirus in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Saudi website, Dr. Mazen Hasnain, director of the Saudi Vaccination Company, says that registration for the coronavirus vaccine has begun in the country through the Tawaklana app.

Dr. Mazen Hasnain, in an interview with a local TV channel, said that according to the schedule of the Ministry of Health, the first vaccine will be given to the dangerous patients of Coronavirus.

Regarding the supply of vaccines, Dr. Hasnain said that the procedure of vaccination will be centralized for which patients will be vaccinated in phases after registering on the Tawaklana app.

In the first phase, the people who will be vaccinated have been determined by the Ministry of Health. Initially, the elderly and those suffering from dangerous diseases will be vaccinated.

Vaccinations will preferably be initiated in large cities, as was the case in the past for coronavirus testing by the Ministry of Health.

In response to a question, Dr. Mazen said that the vaccine developed by Pfizer Bionic Company is only for people over 16 years of age, so initially, the vaccine will be given only to people 16 years of age and older.

Dr. Hasnain added that the company will soon develop vaccines for children under 16 years of age.

He reiterated that all the experiments on the vaccine have been carefully reviewed and only after that the vaccine has been allowed to be imported for the country.

Dr. Hasnain added that as soon as the vaccine arrives in the country, samples will be provided to experts before it is administered, which will be reviewed in detail to ensure that what is said in the vaccine reports is given. She is compatible with it.

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