Cold conditions persist in Shehr-e-Quaid, mercury likely to fall further

Karachi: The severity of cold is still prevailing in the city of Quaid while the mercury of the city is also likely to fall further. According to the Meteorological Department, the city will remain in the grip of cold for the next two days.

It is also cold in Karachi. The weather gets cold at night and cool winds blow in the morning. Due to the increase in the severity of the cold, the citizens have also started using warm clothes.

Weather forecasters say the minimum temperature is likely to hover between 8 and 11 degrees Celsius in the coming days. Due to which the severity of the cold will remain the same in the coming days.

Citizens say they look forward to winter all year round because this season has its own fun.

Meteorological Department says eye contact between sun and clouds will continue but no rain is expected in Karachi at present.

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