What does Halima Sultan do to look beautiful?

The Turkish drama actress Esra Bulgic told how does to look beautiful.

According to sources, Esra Bulgic, who is playing the lead role in the popular Turkish drama series Ertugrul Ghazi, recently shared a photo on Instagram and wrote: “The simpler we are, the more complete we are.”


In this shared photo, Halima has not done any make-up, while in the caption of the photo, she has revealed the secret of her beauty and said that real beauty is in simplicity.

Remember that Halima Sultan has made a name for herself all over the world including Pakistan due to her beautiful performances and lively acting.

The actress, on the other hand, quoted her diet in a Turkish program:

“I take full care of my diet and also eat almonds because dried almonds not only sharpen the brain but also help in hair growth and good nail development,” she said.

I rarely use sweets or even chocolate, but I do use honey once a day.

The actress said that she drinks hot water daily and seldom uses cold water to boost her metabolism and reduce excess body fat.

Advised fans to do yoga and reduce mental stress if you want to make yourself beautiful.

It should be noted that actress Isra said that she uses coffee and green tea more.

so that she can control her hair, nails, body, and weight.

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