The war between Facebook and Apple has intensified, but what is the reason for this fight?

Apple has made privacy changes to its new operating system ‘iOS 14’ so that no website, including Facebook and Twitter, can access their data without the consent of iPhone users. Will be able to Facebook and Twitter have been at loggerheads with Apple over the change, and now Facebook has removed the “verification badge” from Apple’s Facebook page.

According to T, Facebook puts a blue verification badge on the pages of big companies so that people know that this is the real Facebook page of this company. The badge still exists on the Facebook pages of Apple’s other Ticker companies, Microsoft, Samsung, etc., but the badge has been removed from Apple’s page. Retrieves from and saves so that users can know their likes and dislikes and show ads to them accordingly.

Since these companies will not be able to get the data of iPhone users with iOS 14, it will be impossible for them to show advertisements according to their preferences and needs. These companies are demanding that Apple lift the ban on users in iOS 14 so that they can store their data without asking users as before.

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