Capitol Hill attack, US police chief’s important decision

WASHINGTON: A police officer who was wounded in an attack on Capitol Hill by Trump supporters has died, the US police chief has decided to resign.

International media reports confirmed Monday the Congress building attack injured in clashes with demonstrators policemen died in police killing of Washington police, police said protesters iron policemen Was attacked with sticks.

U.S. Capitol Police Chief has decided to resign after clashes with protesters on Capitol Hill and the death of a police officer, Congressman Nancy Pelosi has demanded.

There have been reports of resignations from the White House following the uproar in the US House of Representatives, with the first lady’s press secretary among others resigning.

A report by the foreign news agency said that National Security Adviser Matt Pottinger had resigned and that President Trump was being fired by the 25th Amendment.

On the other hand, White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews has resigned following the riots on Capitol Hill.

In addition, First Lady Melania Trump’s chief of staff and former Trump press secretary Stephanie Gresham, and White House Social Secretary Anna Christina have resigned, all of them after the tragic events on Capitol Hill. He has resigned from his post in protest.

Sarah Matthews said it was an honor to serve in the Trump administration, but she was “deeply troubled” by the Capitol Hill riots.

Pro-Trump protesters stormed Capitol Hill, killing four people, including a woman, in clashes with security forces.

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