Nora Fatehi: Who does Nora Fatehi want to marry? The actress made a shocking revelation

Canadian-born Indian actress and model Nora Fatehi made an important revelation regarding marriage.

According to details, model Nora Fatehi said that she wants to marry Saif and Kareena’s son Kamsan Taimur Ali Khan.

Nora Fatehi had attended actress Kareena Kapoor‘s web show Women Wants where actress Kareena Kapoor told Nora that she and her husband Saif Ali Khan were impressed with her dance move and Nora thanked her for it.

“I hope that when Taimur grows up, we can think about Taimur and my engagement or marriage,” Nora told Kareena.

However, Kareena was shocked by Nora’s remark for a few moments but after a while she laughed and told Nora Fatehi that she is now four years old.

“I think we have a long way to go in this regard,” Kareena told Nora.

It should be noted that Nora Fatehi smiled at Kareena’s remark and replied that she would wait.

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