Waqar Zaka: Anchor person Waqar Zaka announces the formation of a new political party

Anchor person Waqar Zaka has announced the formation of a new political party in Pakistan. This political party has emerged under the unique and different title of ‘Technology Movement Pakistan’.

Waqar Zaka is the founding chairman of this party. He will announce the party’s manifesto at the Karachi Press Club today.
Along with the announcement of this party, Waqar Zaka has also announced important revelations regarding the upcoming new technology bitcoin.
He said in a statement that “all institutions and individuals, including the SBP, which are obstructing the bitcoin currency, will be exposed.
“The names of all the big corporations that have committed corruption in the name of bitcoin and how they have deprived Pakistan of huge profits will be brought to light.”
Waqar Zaka has said that he never intended to enter politics but now he has entered politics to include the youth in the party and bring the youth forward and provide them with business opportunities. That whoever has used the slogan of youth before has deceived the youth.
It may be recalled that the State Bank of Pakistan had banned virtual currency bitcoins after which the SECP had also taken action against such companies.
However, Waqar Zaka has started regular politics under the name of Technology Movement Pakistan.

He has also released his manifesto at http://www.tmpak.pk. He will then launch his nationwide membership drive.

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