Power Blackout: How did the power blackout happen in the country? Report submitted to Power Division

ISLAMABAD: A report on the recent power blackout in the country has been submitted to the Power Division.

According to News, a report submitted by the National Power Control Center states that at 11.41 pm on January 9, 500 KV Guddu Shikarpur Circuits 1 and 2 tripped, along with 500 KV Guddu Muzaffargarh and Guddu. The DG Khan transmission line also tripped, causing the entire power system to shut down.

According to the report, before the blackout, the frequency of the system was 49.85 and before the blackout, the system was generating a total of 10,311 MW of electricity, of which 1257 MW was being generated from water, while 983 MW from government thermal power plants and 8,070 MW of electricity was being generated from IPPs.

The report said that the restoration process of the system started from Tarbela, Mangla and Warsak powerhouses but the system continued tripping due to high fluctuations in frequency. Tarbela and Mangla were interlinked to stabilize the system. Restoration has begun.

According to the report, all the transmission process was restored till 7.40 pm on January 10 and on January 10, at 6.44 pm, NTDC was connected to the network electric.

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