New type of corona virus is proving more deadly, says British PM-Read

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said a new strain of the coronavirus is causing more deaths and is spreading faster in the country.

According to the international news agency, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that there is a danger of more deaths than the new type of Corona that has emerged in Britain. Experts say the new type of coronavirus is more deadly and that is why we have to plan to control the epidemic.

The British prime minister added that the new virus was spreading more rapidly, leading to increased congestion in hospitals and quarantine centers and that medical staff was under intense work pressure.

A new strain of coronavirus discovered in the UK and South Africa

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said that there was evidence that both vaccines used across the country were effective against the new type of corona, so vaccinators were protected from the new type of coronavirus.

The Prime Minister said that 10 out of 1,000 people over the age of 60 are infected with the deadly virus, but up to 13 or 14 out of 1,000 people infected with the new form of corona virus could die. Are

It should be noted that in the last days of last year, a new form of corona virus emerged which is more contagious and deadly. However, the good news is that corona vaccines are also proving to be effective against this type.

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