Suspicious packet commotion: Corona vaccine plant resumes work-Read

LONDON: Work on a corona vaccine plant in the UK has resumed after a suspicious package was reported yesterday and corona vaccine production is continuing as usual.

The Wockhardt plant in North Wales continues to produce corona vaccines manufactured by the British company AstraZeneca.

Work at the plant was halted yesterday after receiving a suspicious packet and all employees were evacuated.

British police and a bomb disposal squad rushed to the scene, seized the packet, and took it with them.

What was found in the suspicious packet? The British media and security agencies have remained silent on the matter, while no local or international terrorist organization has claimed responsibility.

A Wockhardt spokesman said there had been a temporary halt in vaccine production after receiving suspicious packets, but work had resumed after ensuring the safety of plant workers.

It should be noted that British social media was at the forefront of spreading conspiracy theories about the Cove 19 epidemic last year. Rumors of a coronavirus outbreak and a link to FiveG technology first surfaced in the UK, damaging dozens of mobile towers.

There are also rumors around the world about the corona vaccine. According to a recent survey, around 25% of British citizens are against the corona vaccine for a variety of reasons.

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