Who will return Fawad’s 10 years?

Fawad Alam is only a player of domestic cricket, he cannot perform in international matches.”

“Fawad’s stance is very strange.”

“Fawad is involved in match-fixing.”
Despite his excellent performance in 10 years, many excuses have been made for not including Fawad Alam in the national team. If someone else had left cricket, but Fawad did not know what kind of soil he is made of. And kept working, I asked many times both off the record and on the record but he never spoke against anyone.

He would always say with his typical smile, “If it is written in my destiny, I will definitely represent the national team again, my time will come.” Now his time has really come. Today, former West Indies pacer EN Bishop is also 10. Expressing regret over the injustice done for years, he said, “My heart leaps with joy when I see Fawad scoring runs.” His patience is being cited in the world as an example that the player persists despite being ignored for 10 years.

He scored more than 12,000 runs at an average of 56 in first-class cricket, yet the selectors were not ready to lift. Meanwhile, Fawad valued only his performance and fitness. You can look at 10-year-old and current Fawad. There is no difference, regardless of the reward, he continued to score consistently in the domestic season, despite a century on his debut in 2009, he has played only 8 Tests so far, this number should have been 88, but unfortunately in our country, if you Not the son of a big father, your uncles or aunts are ignored if they don’t hold a big post, people call the media bad, but it is the journalists who kept Fawad’s case alive for so many years. At the same time, he continued to highlight the injustices which forced the authorities to give him a chance.

Fawad is still lucky that even after 10 years, the chances are slim. I don’t know how many players like him have sacrificed this system. Sami Aslam went to America disappointed. Usman Salahuddin, Tabish Khan, Sadaf Hussain, and I don’t know how many players. Will be present in the list, Tabish when he has gone through the heyday, symbolically he has been placed in the squad now, I don’t think he will wear a test cap on his head, it was said earlier that Younis Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq, Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq In the presence of Fawad, there is no place for Fawad, at least Fawad could have been kept with the squad, that’s why you couldn’t make alternatives to Younis and Misbah, Asad and Azhar are badly exposed after their retirement. gone.

If players like Fawad were given opportunities in the meantime, the middle order batting would have been set. If you look at Asad‘s performance, you will see that he is lucky to have played so many Tests. Azhar‘s performances do not show consistency. Giving a chance to new or neglected players would have put pressure on both of them to perform better, otherwise, they would have fallen prey to complacency, who will account for Fawad who lost so many years, As long as Inzamam-ul-Haq remained the chief selector, he was not allowed to get close to the team.

He kept making flaws in batting, he felt that Fawad could not perform at international standards, after leaving the post he was spending his time on YouTube videos to stay, like other former cricketers he also started criticizing to get attention. The board has given jobs to most of the former players and closed their tongues. A huge check was also prepared for the integration and they were asked to comment on the Pak-South Africa series for PCB Digital, the former captain laughed. Happiness is ready, I am now anxious to see how Enzi the legend praises Fawad, even though Misbah-ul-Haq ignored him during his tenure but brought him back as the chief selector and The head coach also joined the playing XI, for which he should be appreciated.

Take the example of the Indian cricket team, captain Virat Kohli returned from Australia, many seniors got injured, new players had to be added, rickshaw driver’s son Muhammad Siraj came and performed, many village boys joined the team and Became heroes, of course, they will not have any recommendation but they achieved success due to talent, there are more talented players in our country than India but not everyone has the same determination as Fawad Alam, they have There was a job, other players can’t wait that long, they give up cricket in frustration when they don’t get a chance for a year or two.

Then when someone becomes a taxi driver, someone else starts working. Talent comes from the middle-class houses more than the rich, but such players keep waiting because there is no Haq or any other name, you just Decide that we will not let any talented player go to waste, the standard of joining the national team is not a recommendation, the only talent, whoever is the head of a big company or the son of a bus driver will only get a chance at performances, if so If you go, you will see where our team will reach in a few years, but unfortunately the system will not allow this to happen. Many Fawad Alam will be lost in the darkness of anonymity here, so pray for the media for these victims. Raises voices, otherwise, the whole team will consist of recommendations.

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