Partial success in awakening two comatose patients with ultrasound-Read

Berkeley, California: Patients in a long coma often find it very difficult to regain consciousness. However, thanks to special ultrasound, there has been a partial success in awakening two patients by activating their brain parts.

Both patients were in a state of severe unconsciousness and unconsciousness, which in medical parlance is called the ‘least conscious state’, or MCS.

Scientists placed ultrasound waves on a part of the brain called the thalamus. The thalamus is the place where the whole brain processes its functions and it becomes very weak after a coma. In this regard, three MCS patients underwent ultrasound for ten minutes once a week.

One of the patients was unaffected. Patients with MCS have inconsistent but clear signs of consciousness. They can move their eyelids when ordered, which is why they are naturally different from a deep coma.

The experiment had a very positive effect on a 56-year-old man who had been suffering from MCS for 14 months. When he was told the names of his loved ones, he started pointing at them in the picture.

Another 50-year-old woman was in a deeper MCS. After suffering from this condition for two and a half years, when she underwent an ultrasound, she began to hear conversations and began to notice the difference between a comb and a pencil.

Scientists have described the effort as “very hopeful” and “extremely useful.” However, more research is being done on this at the University of California.

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