The United States also came to the fore in the wake of the martial law in Myanmar-Read

Washington (Web Desk) – US President Joe Biden has condemned martial law in Myanmar and threatened sanctions.

According to the foreign news agency, a statement issued by President Biden on Monday called the overthrow of Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government in Myanmar and the military coup a direct attack on democracy and law and justice in the country.

President Biden said in a statement that the international community should work together to press the Burmese military to return power to elected representatives and release political prisoners and civilian officials. The statement also called for an end to the Burmese military’s restrictions on telecommunications and an end to violence against civilians.

International observers say the military coup in Burma will make it harder for the Biden government to pursue its policy against China in the Asia-Pacific. In addition, the restoration of democracy in Burma was possible under Democratic President Obama, which is considered one of the major achievements of Obama’s foreign policy. At the time, Biden was vice president of the United States, and in the current context, he holds the presidency. In this regard, the situation in Burma is being described as a major challenge for them.

The world has been waiting for a response from the Biden administration since the imposition of martial law in Burma, while the Biden administration has finally reacted to the issue after lengthy foreign policy consultations.


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