Belgian court sentences Iranian diplomat to life in prison-Read

Brussels: A Belgian court has sentenced four people, including an Iranian diplomat, to life in prison for plotting the Paris bombings.

A Belgian court has sentenced Iranian diplomat and intelligence operative Asadullah Asadi to 20 years in prison for plotting to bomb an Iranian opposition rally in Paris in 2018, according to a foreign news agency. Three more people involved in the case were sentenced to between 15 and 18 years in prison and their citizenship was also suspended.

Iranian diplomat Assadullah Asadi also sought diplomatic immunity from the court to avoid punishment, which the judge rejected, saying that immunity could not be granted in a country not sent for a diplomatic mission.

The court ruled that Iranian diplomat Assadullah Asadi smuggled the bomb from Iran to Europe for sabotage, in order to avoid security.

It should be noted that Assadullah Asadi used to work at the Iranian embassy in Vienna who was arrested from Germany after an intelligence operation in 2018. Before his arrest, Assadullah Asadi met a couple of Iranian descent and gave them a parcel.

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