Trump refuses to appear in impeachment trial-Read

Washington – Former United States President Donald Trump has rejected a call by Democrats to take the oath of office and appear in court.

According to the US Broadcasting Corporation, Donald Trump’s impeachment motion prosecutor Jamie Raskin has demanded that the former president appears for trial. I will be right.

At the request of prosecutors in the impeachment motion, Donald Trump’s adviser Jason Miller made it clear that the former president would not testify in an unconstitutional proceeding.

After Jason Miller’s statement, Trump’s attorneys Bruce Caster and David Sheen said the sensitive impeachment proceedings should not be made a political game, as the former president’s demand to appear proves that Democrats cannot prove their allegations.

It should be noted that the impeachment proceedings against former President Trump will begin next week in the Senate on charges of inciting revolt. Ten members of Trump’s party also voted in favor of the action.

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