Chinese spacecraft ready to land on Mars-Read

Beijing: After the UAE space mission this year, China’s second mission has now become a regular part of the Martian orbit.

The latest Chinese space mission Tian Wen Wen has entered the orbit of the Red Planet. The incident comes a day after the Emirati Hope Mission, and a week later NASA’s state-of-the-art spacecraft Prezrones will land on Mars.

Although Tian Wen Wen is China’s second mission to a planet, it is the first project of its kind in which China has not cooperated with any foreign agency or expert.

On July 23 last year, the Tiananmen Mission was launched from the Chinese province of Hainan. This unique mission of its kind consists of three main parts, including an orbiting orbiter, a lander, and a rover that will land on the surface of Mars.

Now the spacecraft is orbiting very safely. First, it will provide all the details of its well-being and then its vehicle will land at a safe place on Mars. This place is called Utopia Planeta where NASA landed its first spacecraft Viking in 1976. Earlier, the orbiting orbiter will also take a detailed look at the location before landing his spacecraft.

If all goes well, the lender will try to land on Mars and enter the Martian atmosphere surrounded by a conical heating shield. Before landing on Mars, it will open its parachute and touch the surface with great satisfaction.

But the process will take place in late April or May when the Chinese Mars rover will set foot there. Therefore, Chinese experts have a lot of time to make appropriate arrangements.

The solar-powered rover will operate on Mars for 90 days. It also has state-of-the-art cameras, surface-to-air radar, magnetometers, meteorological stations, and soil-sensitive instruments. The arbitrator also has a variety of scientific instruments installed.

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