The Modi government has spent Rs 450 billion on its own Air Force-Read

Dehli: The Modi government has injected Rs 45,696 crore into its own air force.

BJP Defense Minister Rajnath Singh awarded a contract worth 6. 6.25 billion to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and forced it to buy a third aircraft. According to the report, the Indian Air Force had rejected the aircraft on the first day due to technical problems.

The third aircraft is being introduced as a substitute for Indian MIG-21 aircraft, as more than 170 pilots and 40 civilians have been killed in MIG-21 accidents since 1970.

The Indian aviation systems industry is notorious around the world for its substandard products and its decades-long failures and inefficiencies. The country, which has introduced itself as an alternative and competitor to China in the world, has not been able to correct the fault of its canopy in 26 years.

Teja ships have been introduced to replace the outdated MiG-21 fleet, but so far 60 percent of Teja have been grounded. The failure of the Modi government and the Indian Air Force to use the third aircraft on January 27 is a reflection of the failure of this project.

In contrast, Pakistani hawks snatched the dream of Indian pig mothers from a JF-17 Thunder made in Pakistan and targeted one SU-30 and one MIG-21. This success of Pakistan is a testament to the expertise and professionalism of the Pakistan aviation industry.

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