Turkey announces continued missile purchases from Russia despite US sanctions-Read

ANKARA: Turkey has announced that it will continue to buy missiles from Russia despite US pressure and sanctions.

According to a foreign news agency, President Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Qalan said that Turkey will maintain its agreement with Russia for the acquisition of the S400 defense system and efforts are underway to resolve the issue through negotiations with its NATO ally the United States. Will be kept

It should be noted that the United States had imposed sanctions on Turkey in December last year for the purchase of S-400 missiles from Russia, to which Turkey had reacted strongly. In this regard, the Turkish Defense Minister said on Tuesday that Turkey was partially activating the S400 defense system while talks were underway with the United States in this regard.

Speaking to a Turkish broadcaster, Ibrahim Qalan said the defense minister’s statement was not fully understood. He had said that the issues on which there was disagreement would be discussed but the immediate resolution of many issues was not expected.

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