Instagram will soon start live streaming to many people-Read

Bombay: Instagram has announced that it will be offering live streaming to more than one person in the next few weeks.

The head of the company, Adam Missouri, has said that his platform will soon offer live streaming between four people (one host and three guests). According to the statement, it will be a fully live video facility. In an interview, Adam said that this is a new aspect of Instagram, but not so new.

He is referring to the testing that is being conducted in India from December 2020. According to Instagram, the Indian market is demanding an option on their platform. This is due to the ban on tick talk and Instagram also wants to increase its presence in India by taking advantage of it. But Indians are interested in live streaming.

According to some analysts, the use of Instagram in India alone has increased by 60% in 2020, and now the live streaming of more than one person at a time will further expand this circle.

At the moment, only two people can talk live on Instagram, and in the next few weeks, four people will be able to talk to each other in real-time.

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