India’s central bank influenced by Pakistani ‘party girl’-Read

Mumbai: Inspired by the Pakistani ‘Party Girl’, the State Bank of India has launched a campaign for consumers on social media.

A few days ago, the viral video of ‘Party Girl’ Dina Nayyar on social media had caused a stir all over the country. From showbiz stars to the common man, everyone liked Dina Nayyar’s style of speaking so much that everyone made a video in the style of Dina Nair and uploaded it on social media.

After the video went viral in Pakistan, rumors of a party girl have spread to neighboring India, where Dina Nair’s style of speaking is well-liked, as can be seen from the Twitter account of the Central Bank of India, which Inspired by ‘Party Girl’, Dina Nair has launched a campaign for Indian consumers in the style of her speech.

A picture of offers for Indian users was shared on the State Bank of India’s Twitter account, saying, “This is our app, this is the offer and this is our party.”

After the Central Bank of India stole the lines of the Pakistani party girl, a discussion has also erupted on Twitter in which Pakistanis say that the Indian bank should also give credit to the place from where the line was stolen.

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