India, a nurse robbed an elderly couple with a fake corona vaccine-Read

Hyderabad Deccan: In the Indian state of Hyderabad, a nurse robbed an elderly couple by injecting them with anesthetic instead of the corona vaccine.

On the evening of Saturday, February 13, Lakshman, 80, of Lalitha Nagar, and his wife Kasturi, 70, wrote a report to the local police station that a nurse living in their neighborhood had given them an injection of corona vaccine. Give them gold and steal their jewelry.

Anusha was found out to be doing a midwifery course from a private college and also working as a nurse in a nearby hospital.

On Saturday morning, she told Lakshman and Kasturi that she would arrange for a special corona vaccine and would come to their house in the afternoon to administer the vaccine herself.

As promised, she arrived at the elderly couple’s home at 3 pm on Saturday and told them she would feel drowsy for a while after the vaccine, but not panic.

As neighbors, the couple trusted Anusha and vaccinated her, after which they both fainted.

After about three hours of unconsciousness, when the elderly couple opened their eyes, they found that all the jewelry and gold in their house had been stolen, while the nurse did not know anything.

He immediately called the police and lodged a report against Anusha.

“When I woke up, my mangal sutra, gold ring, earrings and other jewelery were missing, which was about eight tolas in total,” Kasturi told police.

Local police arrested the nurse and her husband the next day.

During the interrogation, the young couple admitted that they had injected the elderly couple with anesthetic instead of the corona vaccine. And when they fainted, they both did it.

He also said that he was very worried about his financial problems as he was the neighbor of the elderly couple and knew that only Lakshman and Kasturi lived in the house.

Taking advantage of the acquaintance, he made this whole plan and immediately after the incident moved to another area so that he could not be caught, but luck did not support him.

Since the incident, Indian police have warned the public not to rely on anyone who administers the corona vaccine privately as the vaccine is not widely available on the market and is only available to government health agencies and their affiliates. Only certain people are responsible for administering the coronavirus vaccine under certain procedures.

If someone comes to them with an offer to arrange the corona vaccine for them “privately”, they should report it immediately to the police as it could be a counterfeiter or a noser.

In India, as in Pakistan, the corona vaccine is currently being administered only to medical personnel who are working as frontline workers against the epidemic.

The corona vaccine phase for the elderly and the general public will then begin.

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