Pakistan strike, farmers came to the streets with tractors-Read

Pakpattan:  When the farmers staged a tractor rally in support of their demands, the district administration registered a case against 14 known and 170 unknown persons, said FIR Assistant Commissioner Pakpattan Khawar Bashir. The complaint was registered in Faridnagar police station.

The text of the lawsuit alleges that the farmers rallied without permission, violated the Punjab Sound System Act, and made provocative speeches. In this regard, the President of Kisan Ittehad Punjab Chaudhry Rizwan Iqbal said that we Protesting using the democratic right, did not block the road or hurt anyone, yet the registration of the FIR is a reflection of the dictatorial approach.

According to the FIR, a large tractor rally of Pakistan Kisan Ittehad reached the railway ground from Faridnagar led by President Kisan Ittehad Punjab Chaudhry Rizwan Iqbal. He said that if the demands were not met by March 31, then a big tractor would march towards Lahore and Islamabad.

The FIR registered against the farmers ‘tractor rally said that the farmers’ union staged an illegal demonstration of power by using sticks and suits.

According to Chaudhry Rizwan Iqbal, we have three basic demands which include a reduction in the price of DAP fertilizer, the abolition of taxes imposed on agricultural tube wells by the present government, and support price of wheat at least Rs 2,000 per man. Are

According to Khaleeji newspaper, the president of Kisan Ittehad Punjab said that the price of DAP fertilizer has exceeded Rs 5,000. The price of electricity for agricultural tube wells was Rs 5 per unit in the previous government and tax free It has been increased to Rs 13 per unit by imposing two taxes. He said that it was hinted to increase the price of wheat to Rs. 1800 but it is also low.

It may be recalled that farmers have been protesting in neighboring India for the past several weeks. Protests are being sung by Pakistani singers while poems and lyrics of Pakistani poets are being recited.

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