Counterfeit Corona vaccine smuggler arrested in China-Read

BEIJING (Reuters) – A ringleader of a group smuggling salt-coated mineral water corona vaccine has been arrested in China.

According to the International News Agency, a smuggler named “Kang” has been arrested in China. During the interrogation, he confessed to making 58,000 fake corona vaccines. Sold in the company’s packaging.

The defendant also revealed that a batch of counterfeit corona vaccines was first smuggled to Hong Kong and then shipped to another country, earning a profit of 20 2 million in just six months, but did not name the country.

There are 70 people involved in this heinous act with the accused Kang. The number of cases of counterfeit vaccines in China has exceeded 20, after which the crackdown on counterfeit vaccines was announced.

Counterfeit vaccines were sold illegally to hospitals, while vaccines were sold to people in villages and during transportation. Most of the vaccine buyers were people who were in a hurry to buy the vaccine.

It should be noted that Interpol had also warned about the presence of counterfeit corona vaccines in the market and said that beware of the organized group of people providing or administering counterfeit corona vaccines and keep an eye on such groups around them.

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