Exercise can reduce the severity and pain of migraines-Read

WASHINGTON: There are countless benefits to exercising, and the latest news from the University of Washington is that exercise can reduce migraine attacks and reduce their severity.

The link between exercise and migraines has been discovered before, but the seal of approval has deepened. Exercise also eliminates stress, depression, lack of sleep and other disorders. Now, says Dr. Mason Dice of the University of Washington: “Although this is a complex issue, exercise increases the release of important neurotransmitters and chemicals such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. It makes you feel good, it makes you feel good. But most of all, headaches are reduced. ”

According to Dr. Mason, exercise improves heart rate and blood pressure, but it also helps control migraines. To confirm this, 4600 people were included in the research. Seventy-five percent of them had 15 or more migraine attacks a month, and the remaining 25 percent had 14 or fewer migraines.


Participants were asked about their weekly exercise routines, which included cycling, running, or brisk walking. Participants are now divided into five groups. One group did not exercise at all and the other groups were given a maximum of 150 minutes per week of the recommended global workout.

Of those who did not exercise at all, 47% had depression, 39% had anxiety and 77% had sleep problems. But those who exercised had a 28% anxiety rate and 61% sleep problems.

It is clear that exercise reduces anxiety, restlessness, depression, sleep deprivation as well as headaches.

Following this survey of thousands of people, experts have advised migraine patients to exercise, which can be very useful for them.

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