February 27, 2019 Two years later, Nandan’s important statement came to light-Read

ISLAMABAD: On the completion of two years of Pak-India stand-off, Indian pilot Nandan’s important statement has just come to light.

On February 27, 2019, the Pakistan Air Force shot down an Indian plane trying to enter Pakistani territory and the Indian pilot on board had just taken Nandan into custody. Later, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced his release in good faith. Had done

Now, two years after the incident, an important statement by an Indian pilot has come to light. Nandan’s statement had not yet come to light. In the statement, Nandan is still expressing his views after the plane crash.

“I saw both countries from a parachute coming down from above and I didn’t know the difference between the two countries from above and when I fell down I didn’t even know if I was in Pakistan or not,” said Indian pilot Abhi Nandan. I am in my homeland India because both countries looked the same and people seemed the same to me.

The Indian pilot added that after falling from a height, I was seriously injured and I could not move, so I tried to find out which country I was in, then when I felt, I was in my own country. If not, I tried to run away. Meanwhile, some people ran after me to catch me and caught me.

Nandan said that at the same time 2 young men of the Pakistan Army came and rescued me from the people who were killing me, one of them was the captain of the Pakistan Army, then they took me to their unit where I was given first aid After that I was taken to the hospital where I was examined and I was given more aid and I have been at this place ever since.

The Indian pilot said that Pakistan Army is a professional army, I am very impressed with the bravery of the Pakistan Army, fighting happens when there is no peace, I want peace in our country and we can live in peace, We have to think calmly, what is happening with Kashmiris, neither you nor I am angry.

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