Noman Ijaz spoke about the public’s criticism of his son into the industry-Read

Karachi: Actor Noman Ijaz says that our people do not know the meaning of kinship, my son has not come to showbiz yet and he is being discouraged.

The famous actor who has acted in Pakistani dramas complained to the people in an interview that why those who talk about nepotism do not understand that the field in which we are does not slip, our people do not know the meaning of nepotism. My son has not come to showbiz yet and he is being discouraged, first, he should be allowed to work, if he likes it then fine, and if he doesn’t like it then it is over.

The actor said that when his son expressed his desire, he said that this is the field, come and work, if you do well, you will keep walking, otherwise, you will stay at home. If kinship had continued, every artist’s child would be successful today. Where nepotism prevails, critics do not dare to say anything.

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The actor said on social media that a lot of things are wrong on the platforms, people sometimes even abuse in their reaction, it should not be. We need to understand things. It seems that people are always ready to criticize.

Regarding actors Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui, Noman Ijaz said that we are all friends, we have been working for a long time that is why we tease each other by name. We are artists. Our job is to provide entertainment.


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