Does eating eggs really raise cholesterol?-Read

New York: Eating eggs is often said to raise cholesterol, which in turn raises the risk of high blood pressure and various heart diseases, but serious scientific research so far has shown no evidence to support this claim.

These views are expressed in an article by Zia Sheryl on the website Medical News Today, which cites dozens of medical investigations over the past several years into the relationship between eggs and cholesterol.

All of these studies show that eating eggs has no effect on most people’s blood cholesterol or their overall health.

It should be noted that the two types of cholesterol are “Low-Density Lipoprotein” (LDL) and “High-Density Lipoprotein” (HDL).

Of these, “LDL” is called harmful cholesterol because it builds up in the blood vessels and constricts them, affecting blood flow. This is the cause of many diseases, from high blood pressure to heart disease.

However, dozens of medical investigations over the past several years have not shown that eating eggs has increased LDL.

The author of this article advises readers to continue to use eggs in their diet in a balanced way. However, if they use a vegetarian (vegan) diet, choose an alternative diet for themselves with the advice of a nutritionist.

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