No problem with T20 World Cup in India: PCB chairman-Read

Lahore: Chairman PCB Ehsan Mani has said that T20 World Cup in India is not a problem so visas and security should be assured.

In an interview to an Indian journalist from a Gulf newspaper, Chairman PCB Ehsan Mani said, “We are not opposed to the T20 World Cup being held in India this year. However, we demand that visas and security for cricketers, support staff, and journalists be assured.” Be reassured.

He said that the Pakistan women’s team had to go to India to participate in the ICC qualifiers in 2109. The BCCI said that it had written to the government but was not receiving a reply. After months of waiting, it was finally told that it was too late. Thus Pakistan team could not play the match and the points were evenly distributed, we do not want such a situation to arise again, it will not be better for world cricket.

Ehsan Mani said that the visa assurance for the T20 World Cup was to be received by December 31. In January, when BCCI President Saro Ganguly fell ill, he asked for more time, now he has asked me from stakeholders and the media. Asking about it, the matter has once again been taken up with the ICC, the sooner the situation becomes clearer the better so that the deadline for resolving matters does not pass.

To a question, he said that a mega event could be demanded in the UAE, but the bilateral series with anyone, including India, would not be played at a neutral venue. The decision will be made in consultation with the members.

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