US approves 19 19 trillion Corona aid package-Read

Washington: The US House of Representatives has approved the 19 19 trillion Corona aid package of the new US President Joe Biden.

According to the US Broadcasting Corporation, 219 members of the House of Representatives voted in favor of President Joe Biden’s Corona aid package, while 212 members opposed it. Thus, after a numerical majority, the package was approved.

The 19 19 million aid package will cover the cost of vaccines and medical supplies, as well as pay شہریوں 1,400 per person to citizens, including businesses and local governments that have been hit hard by the Corona epidemic.

The opposition opposed the aid package because of the large sums of money, but members of the ruling party say it is essential to keep the economy afloat.

This is Biden’s first legislative victory in the lower house, but the real test is to get the aid package approved by the Senate, where the government and the opposition have 50 members each.

If there is a tie in the Senate vote, then Vice President Kamala Harris can use her legal right to approve or reject the aid package through her vote.


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