How to Make Money Online in 2020 Easy Method 100% Real and Legit

 How to Make Money Online in 2020 Easy Method 100% Real and Legit 

Hi Welcome  to my Another Article So this very importent Article for those who are seeking to make Money Online .

So you have to Follow My Steps to Get Started In Making Money Online 

So what you need for this to Start Making Money Online 

A Facebook Account 

A Facebook Page 

A Free Blogger 

A Link Shortner Website 

So How you need to Get Start 

Now Days Everyone have a Facebook Account 

So if you have Facebook Account Now you need an Facebook Page and Group

Create a Brand  New Facebook Page and Group Invite Your Friends to Like and Join them 

The Most effective Solution to Get Audience on Your Facebook page or Group is to make a  Fake Id with Girl name just Don’t Share Any againts content to faebook Policy .So this Fake Account is going to help you a Lot of in Building Huge Audience .

S After Creating Facebook Group and Page You Need a Blogger For Contents writing and Pasting Short Links Website Urls .

Visit Above Link to Create A Blogger Account 

After making a Blog Now you need an 

Url Shortner Website So this is Best URL Shortner Website to Make You Good Income  Join Url Shortner Site 

Now after Doing this all you need to Perform These Actions 

Continuesly and Daily almost 2 or 3 Posts 

If you are GOOD writer i suggest to follow a News Blog and Write Short News on your own Blog 

and If you can do this just Copy News from any Blog ,And Visit Article Rewriter Rewrite this article and Paste your Blog .

So this How you will earn from 

if you write contents by yourself you can later Monitize your Blog with adsense which is best option for Bloggers to make money Online .

Next is if you copy Content then there are almost no chance you can get approval for adsense . 

So if you copy contents now you need url shortner to make Money Online 

So how to make post 

Copy Contents and Then Rewrite them and Paste to your Blogspot website .

and a Attractive image with the url of Linkshortner even you can choose same url to short it .

You can add a Image with url or text or a button with download option something looks attractive which attract visitor to click on image text or Link.

after doing this 

Now you need to Publish Article and Then Copy article Url and Visit Better to Create account on Bitly So you can See the Statics of How Much Traffic go to Your Blog .

After this Now you need to Short Link with Bitly and and Go to Your Page section 

How to make your Post Attractive So Peoples can Click and Visit your site 

Watch my video how to post on page

Thanks for Reading Subscribe to my Newsleter or Register to site 

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