Your blog doesn’t currently qualify for adsense I Solved issue 2020

 Your blog doesn’t currently qualify for adsense I Solved issue 2020 

Hi Today i am gonna Disqus on this Topic which most of new Bloggers Face this.

So First Lets Discuss In what Conditions Your Blog Qualify for adsense .

So there are Few Requairments Before A Apply for adsense option Available in your Blog Section 

1.Your Blog should be atleast 1 Month Old

2.Your Blog have sufficant Content Around 20 to 30 Posts .

3. Well Written and Unique Plgarism 


So These are Basic Requairments Which i Explained ABOVE 

Now Lets See what problem you face after applying for Adsense

There are Few Common Problems 

like They say insufficant content ,Links to download source ,or Not a unique Articles.

So here are the Solution for these issue .

just Follow my Guidelines 

Insufficant Content Solution 

Add More then 30 Posts and applying again (Keep adding 1 content each time before apply )

Links to Download Source 

Remove any link you made even internal Link or external Links 

it will Help you to Solve this issue .

Unique Article Issue 

Check Plugrism of all of your Contents 

and then apply again 

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