Royal Expert Says Prince Philip Portrayal In The Crown –Wretched And Disgraceful!


Netflix series Christmas “The Crown” is once again receiving criticism for portraying Prince Philip’s character as “wretched and disgraceful”

Hugo Vickers, who has written several books by the Royal Family, made the comments about the character. 

Season four of The Crown features the time between 1979 and 1990. It featured the relationship between Princess Diana and the Royal Family. During the third and fourth seasons, an older Prince Philip is portrayed by Tobias Menzies.

Vickers focused on the scene in the final episode of Season Four, which shows the Royal Family gathering at Sandringham to celebrate Christmas in 1990.

He writes: “Prince Philip knocks at the door and Diana – portrayed to great effect in the series by Emma Corrin – tells him she is in a ‘dark, loveless cave’ and that she wants to ‘breakaway’.

“Yet the response from her father-in-law is menacing; he warns her that it won’t end well if she does any such thing.

“Diana replies: ‘I hope that isn’t a threat, Sir.’

“Who can be in any doubt that this fictional conversation is a thinly veiled and chilling reference to Diana’s impending death.”


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