Shehzad Qureshi Talk About PDM Jalsa Multan

Shehzad Qureshi talks about PDM jalsa Multan that the can’t do anything about it, as people are not following SOP’s. The leadres calls out the people to protest and do¬† not follow SOP’s, but when they call peolpe to their houses they do the corona tests of them. We have done nothing to them that can hurt so Can’t they wait for this. Due to their minds and to protect their politics they are doing this, but they cannot do anything by doing protests.

There is going to be protest in Lahore on 13 December but Shehzad Qureshi told that they are not approving this protest in any way, we will not allow them to play with people’s life.We will do everything that we can but they should also understand that this is not problem of PPP but of this Nation.Corona virus is spreading more faster.

Shehhzad Qureshi said what they want to prove they just want to protect their dirty politics.We will protect people’s life with any means, but we also don’t want to create a situation.They have protested in Gilgit Baltistan but it could not do any thing.You can Imagine that 11 party’s are together but they could not do anything.

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