Tragedy Army Public School

Sometimes there are tragedies in the lives of nations that cannot be forgotten. The most difficult test is for children. What happened to us ordinary human beings? It also happened to the Holy Prophets. I often had a heartache in my heart that I do not have children, why God has deprived me of this blessing, he is merciful and compassionate, there is no shortage of his treasures I was kind of impatient when I saw his lap sleeping. If children can be obtained from Allah and Allah can also take them back. This world is not a place to be loved.

We must be patient with material desires and we will be rewarded in the Hereafter. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Ishmael. He took his liver with him and walked towards Arafat’s field with a knife in his hand. Satan tried many times to seduce Abraham and Hagar but failed.

Khalil’s resolve was not shaken and Hazrat Ibrahim (as) stoned Satan and drove him away. That is why the devil is stoned in Hajj while reviving the Sunnah of Abraham. Both father and son were satisfied with the pleasure of God. When Hazrat Ibrahim started slaughtering Hazrat Ishmael, Allah Almighty sent a ram there and it was sacrificed. Ishmael was not harmed and both father and son became servants of Allah. In remembrance of this sacrifice, the children of Tawheed offer sacrifices every year in imitation of the Sunnah of Abraham.

Similarly, a mountain of sorrow fell on Hazrat Yaqub (as). In the separation of his son Hazrat Yusuf (as), he kept crying all the time until his sight was gone. Our last prophet himself witnessed the ordeal of his children and all three of his sons died in infancy. Surah Al-Kawthar was revealed to appease him. When the Prophets (peace be upon them) could not be safe from the temptation of their children, how can we ordinary human beings be safe from this pain and suffering?

December 16, 2014, was one such day when the moment of sacrifice came before our children. We did not send him to the battlefield, but his school became a battlefield. When the cowardly enemy could not defeat our armed forces in battle, he went to the school to target our innocent children. The school principal Tahira Qazi and 12 teachers Shahnaz Naeem, Mohammad Saeed, Nawab Ali, Sehar Afshan, Saima Tariq, Banish Umar, Sofia Hijab, Syeda Farhat, Hafsa Khush, Sadia Khattak, and Hajra Sharif were martyred in this tragedy.

10 members of the college staff also fell victim to this terrorism while 122 students died in the extreme of this cruelty and barbarism. In addition, three Pakistan Army personnel were also martyred in the tragedy, two of whom were from the medical corps who were teaching children how to get medical help. Here I would like to mention Lance Naik Muhammad Altaf Shaheed (Medal of Courage). He was off duty but when he heard gunshots, he came to the school, and in an attempt to save the children and teachers, he was shot by terrorists and martyred. Greetings to their courage and bravery!

The lives of the families of those who lost their lives in this tragedy have come to a standstill. He is still alive on December 16, 2014. The families of the martyrs are living examples of patience! There are also four families who have lost their two sons in the tragedy. Fifteen-year-old Shamuel Tariq and thirteen-year-old Nangyal Tariq, Noorullah Durrani and Saifullah Durrani, Syed Abdullah and Syed Hasnain and Zeeshan Ahmed and Owais Ahmed were real brothers who were martyred in the tragedy. According to eyewitnesses, when the terrorists entered the school, ninth and tenth-grade students were undergoing first aid training in the hall.

The terrorists first targeted the teachers in the hall and then martyred Nadeem-ur-Rehman Anjum and Naveed Iqbal of the Army Medical Corps. According to Ghazi children and college staff: The teachers tried to save the children but they could not succeed. The terrorists were so brutal that they started firing indiscriminately. Students were targeted at Point Blank. I was told by a Ghazi boy that he would check after killing everyone, “whoever was injured” would be shot again. The army operation in the school and college started within fifteen minutes after the terrorists entered the school, but the doomsday that took place during this break is indescribable.

Surprisingly, the parents were running crazy on Warsak Road. Ghazi children and teachers were kept in the park adjacent to the school. The cold storage of the hospitals ran out of space but the bodies of the martyrs did not stop coming. Most of the martyred students were between the ages of fifteen and seventeen. The whole world saw the bravery of the family of the tragedy Army Public School when the school reopened on January 12, 2015, and the Ghazi children and brave teachers resumed their education here. At the door, the then Commander-in-Chief General Raheel Sharif himself welcomed everyone. Everyone was stunned to see that the courage of this nation could not be broken.

I interviewed many families while writing a book on the tragedy of Army Public School Peshawar. I wanted to preserve the memories of all the martyrs. Survivors would complete the interview in tears. Even today, many families are with me as if I were part of their family. They send me pictures of martyrs. Sometimes mothers lighten their hearts by crying and sometimes the siblings of martyrs talk to me and take away the burden of their hearts. When I am heartbroken, I also talk to them and take out the dust of my heart.

It was very difficult to gather the scattered memories but with the help of Allah, I completed the memoirs of the tragedy of Army Public School Martyrs and sent this book as a gift to all the family members. Many people suggested that I launch this book at a big event but I didn’t think it was appropriate. I wrote this book for the martyrs and their families, they liked it and received my hard work.

The commission set up in connection with the tragedy called the attack a security failure. The commission had sent its full report to the court a few months ago, which ordered the commission’s report to be made public. 132 people recorded their statements before this commission. Parents are still demanding that they see all those involved in the tragedy on the gallows.

The tragedy of the Army Public School is one such tragedy. We are proud of our martyred children, martyred teachers, martyred admin staff, and martyred military personnel. They defeated the terrorists with courage and determination. We all have a duty to share the grief of the bereaved, to remember them always. December 16 was a day of resurrection for all of us, especially the mothers who lost their babies. At every turn, they think that maybe their baby is back. Even children who have lost their mother’s or father’s affection often find a way.

Survivors often gather on the platform of the Martyrs’ Forum and sometimes laugh and sometimes cry remembering their loved ones. They share each other’s sorrows and joys. May Allah Almighty elevate the ranks of the martyrs and grant patience to the survivors, Amen! On the Day of Resurrection, there will be crowns of pride and expansion on the heads of the survivors, God willing!


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