Ertugrul came and took the money and left, that’s all for Pakistan, Fahad Mustafa

Karachi: In a recent interview, Fahad Mustafa said about the arrival of Turkish actor Angin Altan alias Ertugrul Ghazi in Pakistan that Ertugrul came and left with money but we will always stay here.

The plays “Nand” and “Jalan” produced by Fahad Mustafa, while the most-watched dramas in Pakistan this year, were also heavily criticized. Due to the story of the drama serial “Jalan”, the bold scenes and dialogues shown in it, PEMRA had also banned this drama.

In a recent interview, Fahad Mustafa, referring to his plays, said that he was criticized from the very beginning of the play “Jalan”. How do people know what the story of a play is now?

He said that those who had a thief in their heart objected to the story of “jealousy” and no one else objected. Everyone from the rickshaw puller to the watchman watched and liked the dramas “Jalan” and “Nand”.

Fahad Mustafa, citing the example of the Turkish drama “Forbidden Love”, said what was the story of “Forbidden Love” in Pakistan. A love story was shown between aunt and nephew. But the streets were empty to see it. And when I make a drama based on such a story, it will be called “jealousy” and then why so much criticism? We will have only 10 to 15% of people who object to dramas.

Fahad Mustafa said that our showbiz industry is in crisis at the moment and the work being done here includes the blood and sweat of the people. The people who work here include the entire staff, including the artist, and everyone insists that the industry has to be run somehow. So what is going on should be allowed to go on because we are not Turkey, we are not Indians, in the end, we are Pakistanis. Ertugrul also came and sat with the lion and took the money and left. You were the one for him. The real artist for Pakistanis is Humayun Saeed and I am.

Fahad Mustafa said, “I want to act in my plays. People want to watch them and also want to run a channel. So what am I doing wrong?” And I’m very proud of both of my projects.



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