The government’s decision to hold early Senate elections, the Election Commission’s big statement came to light

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has said that it cannot hold early elections, adding that Senate elections will be held on time as per law.

According to the details, on the issue of holding the Senate elections ahead of time, the Election Commission has said in its statement that the Election Commission cannot hold the elections ahead of time.

Sources said that the Election Commission has 30 days for the Senate elections, half of the members of the Senate will retire on March 11 and the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Senate are to be elected and sworn in on March 12.

According to sources, the Election Commission has the power to hold elections from February 11 to March 11. It is meaningless to call early or delayed elections.

In a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the federal government had decided to hold the Senate elections a month ago with a show of hands. The Senate elections will be held in February instead of March.

For which Attorney General Khalid Javed Khan presented proposals in the Cabinet and Adviser Parliamentary Affairs Babar Awan also gave a briefing on constitutional and political aspects, in the light of which it was decided that Senate elections would be held a month before the show of hands.

The Cabinet had decided that a reference would be filed in the Supreme Court under Article 186 and the government would seek the opinion of the Supreme Court under the Constitution.

The government will be able to hold elections without amendment in the light of the Supreme Court decision and elections without constitutional amendment will be held in February through a show of hands.

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