Shinwari Mutton Karahi is the perfect recipe for this time of year, and we’ve already taught you to make Shinwari Karahi with chicken, so now we will teach you how to make this karahi with mutton. You can enjoy it with the masala in this recipe as well.

Shinwari Mutton Karahi


  1. Mutton – 1kg
  2. Green cardamoms – 2
  3. Cinnamon stick – 1
  4. Clove – 1
  5. Whole black pepper – 6
  6. Salt – to taste
  7. Oil – 1 cup
  8. Ginger garlic paste 1 ½ tbsp
  9. Tomato – 1/2 kg
  10. Karahi masala – 2 tbsp
  11. Ginger flakes – 2 tbsp
  12. Fresh coriander – 2 tbsp
  13. Whole green chilies – 6
  14. Ginger garlic paste – 1 1/2 tbsp


  • Take a pan, add mutton, 4 cups of water, salt, ginger garlic paste 1/2 tbsp, green cardamoms,cinnamon stick,clove and black pepper, cook until mutton is half tender and water dries.
  • Now heat up oil in wok and fry mutton until turns light brown.
  • Then take the mutton out from oil and put aside.
  • Now in the same oil, add tomatos, cover and cook until tomato becomes soft.
  • Discard tomato skin and add fried mutton, ginger garlic paste, karahi masala and salt.
  • Mix well, cover and cook until the mutton is fully tender.
  • Then fry well and add green chilies, ginger flakes and fresh coriander, cover and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Garnish with fresh coriander, ginger flakes and serve with naan.





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