Cold in Karachi likely to break years-old record in Karachi

According to the Meteorological Department, the maximum speed of the winds from the north of Balochistan was 36 km per hour. During the current cold wave, winds could reach speeds of up to 50 kmph, which could lead to further cold snaps in Karachi on Monday.

The Meteorological Department has forecast strong winds and a cold snap in Karachi on Monday. It is expected to remain cold and dry with a minimum temperature hovering between 8 and 10 degrees, while a new wave of cold will prevail till Friday. A statement issued by the Meteorological Department said that the minimum temperature of the city was recorded at 11.5 degrees Celsius on Sunday while the maximum temperature of the city was recorded at 24.5 degrees Celsius after a drop of 3 degrees Celsius. Happened Humidity was recorded at 28 percent in the morning and 6 percent in the evening, while the visibility was reduced to 3 kilometers due to fog. The Meteorological Department has also indicated the possibility of a current cold wave this Friday. Can last up to days.

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