Kashmiri tea: Why Kashmiri tea is important in Winter?

Tea is one of the few favorite drinks in the world and some people use it without milk while some people add milk to it to enhance their enjoyment.

According to experts, tea is called by different names in different languages, but in Urdu, Turkish, Chinese and Russia it is called tea, while in Persian it is called khatai, in Punjabi it is tea, in Sindhi it is tea, in Pashto it is sau, in Arabic it is Arabic. I say T in English and Komalia Thefra in Latin.

Kashmir is known for its beauty and its towering mountains and snow-capped peaks are famous all over the world, just as the beauty of Kashmir is talked about all over the world as well as Kashmir’s food like Go Ta Ba, Madiur Palau, Rogan Josh. They are very popular because of their uniqueness and taste and it cannot be said without mentioning Kashmiri food and Kashmiri tea because Kashmiri tea with pink color and delicious taste is also called Nun tea.

Dear Kashmiri tea for every winter heart, which is very important in terms of taste and usefulness and a cup of warm steaming Kashmiri tea in the cold winter winds of winter, doubles the forgotten old love.

Kashmiri tea is also very popular in Pakistan and it has a prominent place in some of the favorite drinks around the world and some people use it even without milk and some people add milk to it and double the enjoyment while in Pakistan From the beginning of winter, Kashmiri tea stalls are set up in various places and Kashmiri tea is served at weddings.

It enthusiasts say that while food has its own benefits in protecting against the cold weather, good-tasting tea cannot be ignored.

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