Nawal Saeed: Is Fan Of?

Emerging Pakistani actress and model Nawal Saeed joined the showbiz industry a few years ago due to her interest in art and music and now the majority of her fans are growing rapidly but her fans must know who Nawal is.


In a recent interview given to a web TV, when Nawal Saeed was asked which are the personalities in the Pakistan showbiz industry with whom you would agree to work without reading the script?

The actress replied, “I am a fan of Mahira Khan. I think the way she speaks and acts is beautiful.”

Referring to Mahira Khan‘s drama on private TV, the actress said, “I don’t think there can be a better love story than this. Since then, I think I am a big fan of Mahira Khan.”

Nawal Saeed said, “I will work with Mahira Khan on any project and I am excited to work with him.”

“Apart from Mahira, I would also like to work with Fawad Khan on any project,” he said.

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