Corona took 2432 more people into its fold

KARACHI: A deadly epidemic of coronavirus has claimed the lives of 45 patients across the country in 24 hours, bringing the total death toll to 10,908.

The latest data on Corona cases has been released by the National Command and Operations Center. According to the NCOC, further 42,422 tests were carried out in 24 hours, of which 2,432 cases were confirmed.

The NCOC said that another 45 crore patients died in 24 hours across the country, bringing the total number of deaths from krona to 10,908.

In the last 24 hours, the coronavirus test rate in the country has reached 5.73% while the number of active cases of coronavirus in the country has reached 33,763.

The National Command and Operations Center said that 2,334 cases of corona are of alarming nature across the country, with 2,793 corona patients recovering in 24 hours.

The National Command and Operations Center says that 516,770 cases have been reported so far, while the number of recovered people has reached 472,099.

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