Indian actress, became famous from ‘Bigg Boss’ has committed suicide

Indian actress Jayashree Ramaiah committed suicide by hanging from a fan in the ashram.

The Indian media reports say, actress Jayashree Ramaiah from the local film Nigri had been suffering from depression. She had tried to commit suicide several times.

According to reports, the actress was undergoing treatment for depression at an ashram in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, and was staying in a room there.

The actress committed suicide by hanging herself from a fan in the ashram room on Sunday night. However, when her family and friends called her today. She did not answer and the management of the ashram was informed.

Upon checking by the ashram administration, the body of the actress was found hanging from the room.

Earlier, the actress had tried to commit suicide by writing a note on social media. But she was rescued after informing the police in time.

It should be reminded that she posted on social media that “I quit. Goodbye to this f*****g world”. So it can be seen that she was suffering long.

Actress Jayashree has starred in the third season of Bigg Boss ‘Kannada (Kannada)’ and gained fame from it while she has also appeared in other films.

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