The waxing and waning of the moon can affect your sleep-Read

Seattle, USA: Science has studied the effects of the waning moon and its effects on human sleep in detail and surveyed millions of people in this regard.

A new research paper has found that the duration of our sleep is affected by the fluctuations of 29 and a half days of the moon. One thing that has been found is that two to three days before the full moon, people sleep late and their sleep duration is also short.

Interestingly, the moon affects everyone’s sleep, whether people live in the countryside or in the cities or in Argentina’s semi-literate tribes. Whether there is electricity in an area or not, the signs of the moon still affect sleep.

This suggests that our internal body clock (circadian rhythm) may be related to the fluctuations of the moon. Horacio de la Iglesia, a professor of biology at the University of Washington, says the effect is greatest in dark areas without electricity. But this effect of the moon has also been seen in modern developed cities. They include University of Washington students.

In Argentina, sleep monitors were placed on the wrists of 98 blind tribesmen in Argentina at night. In the second place, people from the dimly lit area were selected, followed by a third group from Seattle.

Experts observed that during the entire lunar month of lunar fluctuations, there was a difference of 46 to 58 minutes between the participants’ sleep. Similarly, there was a difference of half an hour in going to bed. But three to five days before the full moon, almost all the participants got the least amount of sleep.

But when the data from 98 tribesmen and 464 from Seattle were combined, it was surprisingly similar, meaning that the duration of their sleep deprivation was the same, and the nightmares a few nights before the full moon were very similar.

Although there has been considerable debate about the periods of sleep and the moon, scientists at the University of Washington have, for the first time, provided solid evidence.


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