Corona vaccine is a conspiracy to reduce the population-Read

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Angry protesters in the United States shut down the country’s largest immunization center at Dodger Stadium, saying it was a conspiracy by the elite to reduce the vaccine population.

A Corona Vaccine Center at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles has been shut down by protesters, according to the International News Agency. Protesters gathered at the Corona Center and chanted slogans calling the vaccination a conspiracy.

The majority of the protesters were Trump supporters holding placards stating that the Corona vaccination was a conspiracy by the country’s elite to control the population. Protesters also demanded that vaccinations be stopped.

“It’s not a vaccine, the center is a slaughterhouse or a laboratory where we’re all made rats that will be scientifically researched,” one protester told the media.

Trump supporters also supported the protest on social media, with users calling for Bill Gates to be vaccinated and promoting ideas such as inserting a chip into the human body through vaccination.

The US media claimed that the mere Coruna center was closed for an hour, police disperse the protesters who were put there after the vaccine citizens.

It should be noted that Donald Trump has called Corona a Chinese conspiracy from the very beginning and he did not make any significant arrangements to prevent it. Even the former president has not yet vaccinated Corona and this is his tendency. Supporters have also been strengthened.

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