Military coup in Myanmar; Social media was blocked after public pressure-Read

All social media apps, including Facebook, were blocked during a campaign against the military coup in Myanmar.

Myanmar is facing public pressure after the military overthrew the government and arrested key political leaders, prompting the military to block all social media applications, including Facebook.

According to reports, after the recent military coup in Myanmar, this social media platform is proving to be a very important means of communication between the people, especially after the arrest of key government leaders. The people are giving their full support.

Confirming the ban on social media, a statement issued by the Ministry of Communications said that some people were becoming a threat to the country’s stability and were spreading rumors on Facebook, including fake news, which caused people to be wrong. Understandably, social media has been banned, which will remain in place until February 7.

In Myanmar, the military seized power last year, accusing it of rigging elections, and imposed a state of emergency for a year. He is in custody.


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