South Africa suspends coronary vaccination at Oxford University-Read

Cape Town: South Africa has announced the suspension of vaccines developed by Australasia and Oxford Universities.

According to the World News Agency, Oxford University and AstraZeneca have decided to stop the corona vaccine campaign in South Africa, which will start in mid-February.

The decision to suspend the coronavirus vaccine from British and Swedish pharmaceutical companies was taken after a trial of 2,000 people in the country failed to produce significant results. The vaccine has not been very effective against the new strain of corona that has emerged in South Africa.

“The vaccine will not be given until scientists have full confidence in its effectiveness. We will use another vaccine,” said South African Health Minister Zoli Mekhez.

Health Minister Zoli Mekhez added that the company AstraZeneca had already acknowledged that the vaccine provided limited protection against the new South African virus.

It is thought that a new form of coronavirus, B.1.351, was discovered in South Africa, which is more contagious than any other type of virus, meaning that it spreads rapidly in society, but there was no evidence of its being more lethal.

It should be noted that South Africa had ordered 1 million doses of Corona vaccine from AstraZeneca and Oxford University and the vaccination was to start this month, but now Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson’s Corona vaccine will be used.

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