3 Soldiers killed in Iraq by Kurdish fighters-Read

ANKARA: Three Turkish soldiers were killed in a clash during an operation against Kurdish fighters in Iraq.

According to the International News Agency, the Turkish army carried out an operation against the fighters of the separatist armed group Kurdistan Workers Party in the northern region of Dohak, during which 3 Turkish army personnel were killed and 2 wounded in retaliatory firing.

Dohak is a Turkish-administered area that was previously occupied by Kurdish fighters, but last year the army advanced into Syria and recaptured the area after a fierce battle.

Turkish troops have been stationed here since the occupation, but the Kurdish separatist armed group continues to carry out violent operations, and the Turkish military launched an operation against the militants after more than four car bombings last month.

It should be noted that the Kurdish armed group “PKK” has been listed as a terrorist group by Turkey and several other countries, while international organizations also recognize the PKK as a terrorist group.

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